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What We Don't Know Can Keep Us Sick

Awhile back I had a client bring me her lab results from her doctor. The reference range her doctor used had shown all her results were "normal", but this lady had complaints of constant stomach pain and major fatigue. You can imagine she was quite discouraged when she received these results and was told there was nothing wrong and she had no answers for her symptoms.

I looked at her lab results using a Functional Health reference range instead of the reference range used by most conventional doctors. What we found was the difference of night and day for her health.

This client had low stomach acid, low function of the liver and pancreas, weakened immune system, and low levels of vital nutrients. All of which completely explained her symptoms. We were able to make changes to her diet, and add in the herbs and vitamins needed to start healing her body.

She is still taking great care of herself through diet and does not have to rely on many supplements to keep her going. Her energy is improved, and stomach pain in completely gone! She has even added back in some foods into her diet without aggravating her old symptoms.

Do you feel that you have unexplained symptoms, but continue to be told your lab results look "normal"?

If you have recent lab results that you would like reviewed from a Functional Health perspective instead of a conventional medicine perspective, follow the link below.

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