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Restore Your Health Naturally With Katie M. Palmer


Discover what your body needs to regain your health. Stop playing the guessing game and wasting time and money with fad diets and trendy supplements. Through her years of experience, using lab tests, and most importantly LISTENING to you, Katie can help you create a path to optimize your health and be there to support you along the way. 


My Journey










     Health, to me, has been as much about the journey as it has the destination, and my journey would have been lacking without the proper guidance along the way. My life has been filled with a beautiful array of mentors that helped me, many of which were family members.  My grandparents gave me a love of food by letting me grow from childhood into adulthood in their gardens and kitchen. My mother taught me the importance of compassion and giving back to others, and my father constantly encouraged me to follow my passions.

     My interest in natural health, however, did not necessarily begin at home but at a nursery and a book store. After college I worked at a local nursery tending plants. My favorite spot of the gardens was in the greenhouse where we kept the cooking herbs. Everyday after work I would go to the near-by bookstore to do research on what medicinal properties these herbs held. Eventually I started venturing out to health food stores and herb stores, but honestly, these places always seemed a bit intimidating and overwhelming at the beginning. Natural medicine was a completely new concept for me, and there was so much information to try to decipher. I needed a guide.

     I traveled with my husband to Canada where I attended school to become a certified herbalist. My teacher, who was another wonderful mentor of mine, taught not only on herbs, but also about proper nutrition. One day after class I went home and made a list of small, affordable changes we could make in our diet. Things as simple as “buy butter instead of margarine”, or “use olive oil instead of vegetable oil.” These may seem like small steps, but we were on a tight budget and they seemed liked big changes to us. Fast forward many years, and our diets have almost completely changed by making small step by small step.


     Now, I have many clients who find themselves in the same place that I use to be… overwhelmed. I feel privileged to be able to understand their frustration and help them find a walkable path to health. There is so much conflicting information available on being healthy, and it is hard to know where to start or what to believe. Sometimes the best choice is to find someone who can help guide you along as you make the decisions that are best for your body.

     Whether you are just beginning your journey of natural health and need help determining your first step, or if you have been on this path for awhile, my hope is to be able to help mentor you to find your healthy lifestyle.

      My background includes:

  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

  • Certified Herbalist

  • Certified Live Blood Analyst

  • Bachelor degree in Psychology

  • Experience with food preparation for multiple food sensitivities

  • Creating a line of natural skin care products

  • Over a decade working in health food/ alternative medicine industry

  • Formulating herbal supplement

  • Healthy Meal Planning on a budget

     I am grateful to all of the mentors who have helped me blossom into the woman I am today. My dream is to return the love by helping others grow into the healthiest version of themselves. I am happy that you are here and hope that I will be able to give you direction and mentorship for your journey of health

Grace and Peace, 

Katie Palmer

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