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Have you ever waited for lab results to come back from your doctor only to be told everything looks normal? 

This can be really discouraging, especially if you know you do not feel your best. 

Did you know your lab results can be "normal" but still not be within a healthy range? 

There are two different ways to interpret blood chemistry results.

1. Convention Medicine Approach

2. Functional Health Approach

Conventional Medicine Approach

  • Uses a broad reference range that is based on the average population (which let's face it, the average population is not healthy!)

  • Seeks to identify diseases that have already developed

Functional Health Approach

  • Uses a tight reference range that is based on HEALTHY levels, not the average population 

  • Tries to catch dysfunction early so it can be corrected

  • Uses diet, lifestyle, and natural supplements to restore function

Are you ready for someone to look at your test results from a different perspective and help you identify the healing opportunities for your body? 

Below is a list of blood chemistry panels that you may already have on hand from your last blood work:

  • CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel)

  • Lipid Panel

  • CBC

  • Iron Panel

  • Thyroid Panel

You can set up your consultation by following the

"Let's Get Started" button below! 

During this 30 minute appointment we will:

  • Go over your results in depth

  • Review your personalized protocol for lifestyle, diet, and supplement changes that can be helpful to restore health

  • Address any other further testing that could be beneficial to getting to the root of the imbalances found on your blood panel. 

When clicking the button will be directed to submit your recent lab results and sign up to have your results reviewed from a Function Health Approach. The consultation fee for this service is $120 and can be submitted by following the button. After submitting your lab results and payment, you will be contacted within the week to schedule your appointment.

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