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Feeling stressed, fatigued, anxious, depressed, just not like yourself? 

Are you noticing extra weight gain, especially around the belly area? 

Do you have chronic joint pain? 

These are just some of the symptoms that arise during hormone imbalances. 

Together we can work on balancing your hormones naturally and restoring your health. I work holistically and address all of these areas to obtain optimal health.

* Diet * Rest * Exercise * Stress Reduction * Supplementation *


Ready to Get Started? 

Step 1: Pay Here

Ongoing monthly support is $150 per month. This process is a two month commitment and can be paid monthly. The first month includes your protocol and a 1 hr Results and Recommendations Consultation. The next month includes 2- 30 minutes consultations and limited email support. 

Step 2: Order your Test Kit

Call (503) 687-2050 and order the DUTCH Complete. Let them know your practitioner is Katie Palmer to receive a discounted price. 

Using DUTCH Complete a comprehensive dried urine test we are able to measure the health of your adrenal, hypothalamus and pituitary glands. This test checks for:

  • Sex Hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone)

  • Stress Hormones (cortisol, dhea)

  • Melatonin

  • B-12

  • B6

  • Other Organic Acid Markers

Step 3: Intake Forms

Within the week you will receive my intake forms. Please fill these out as best as possible. (These will have to be completed before our first consultation) 

Step 4: Consultation

Once I have received your intake forms and the test results from the lab I will contact you ASAP to set up our first Results and Recommendation Consultation. Consultations can take place via phone, Skype or at my office in Burleson, TX. 

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