If you would prefer a private consultation, my office would be the optimal location.

Nutritional Blood Analysis is a 30 minute appointment, unfortunately due to time restrictions I will not be able to review any additional lab work  during this appointment. If you are wanting a second opinion on previous blood tests from your doctor and would also like additional time to discuss your health concerns, my second package would be the better option for you.


I look forward to working with you. 

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Valentine's Discount

Book an appointment for you and a loved one and receive $5.00 off each appointment. 

When you book your appointments please type "Valentine's Discount" in the note section.


This discount applies to appointments scheduled between 1/15/21 & 2/19/21. Both appointments must be held on the same day. Both parties must show up to their appointments for discounts to be applied. Follow up appointments will not be eligible for the discount, unless both parties reschedule for a date within the time mentioned above. 

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