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4 Tips for Supplement Protocol Success

When starting a new supplement healing protocol, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of pills you are taking. I’ve had clients call me after reviewing their list concerned that they will never remember what to take when. This can be a normal reaction for a lot of people anytime they start something new. Don’t worry, I've got your back! I have felt exactly the same at one point and have learned a few helpful tips and encouraging things to remember along the way. Incorporate these 4 pointers to keep your head in the right place!

1. Make It Easy On Yourself

Take a few minutes to make a chart. It can be helpful to have everything written down. I hung my chart next to my medicine cabinet so there was always a quick reference.

Set an alarm on your phone or watch. Even with the best intentions it is easy to forget to take a supplement when the day gets busy. An alarm on your phone or watch can help to serve as a gentle reminder.

Purchase a big pill case and pick one day to fill it up for the whole week. This saves a lot of time and creates less hassle if you are running behind in the mornings.

Try keeping an extra, small pillbox on hand with what you take during a meal for the times you go out to eat unexpectedly.

2. Remember You Are Worth The Effort!

Herbal and natural supplements are helping to heal and restore the body, they are not simply masking symptoms. This process can take time and can sometimes grow tiring. Take a moment now to remind yourself that your health is worth the extra effort. When you get ready to take your pills remember “This is for the healing of my body!” How exciting is that?

3. Take Time To Connect To The Earth!

As an herbalist, I sometimes take for granted the understanding of how a pill connects me to the earth. If you are having a hard time thinking of your capsules as beneficial forms of food and plants try one of these fun activities

  • Pick an herb from the ingredients list on the back of one of your bottles. Do a little research on this particular plant.

What are its medicinal properties?

What does it look like? Find a picture of it online or in a book.

If it is a plant that lives in your area try locating it at a local plant nursery or during a nature walk.

If you have a green thumb, grow one of these herbs in your garden or windowsill.

Herbs in the windowsill

  • Give herbal encapsulation or tincture making a try!

You can often find ground herbs and empty capsules at a health food store. Take home a bag of capsules and your favorite herb and get the first hand experience of turning a plant into a pill!

Plants into medicine

4. Think Of How Far You Have Come

When you begin your supplement protocol write down some of your main complaints. If you are already doing work with me for Functional Diagnostic Nutrition then you have this information on your intake forms. Periodically, refer back to these papers and notice any improvements you have made. Some areas I first noticed change were things that were not even my main complaints, such as my mood, headaches, and sinus problems! Before going back to review my forms, I had forgotten how bad these problems had previously been.

Have some great tips that helped you during this process? I would love to hear them.

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