30 Spoonfuls to Gut Health

I’ll be the first to admit it, this past year I fell off the bandwagon.

Perhaps, like me, someone in your household also caught the sourdough baking bug of 2020. I know, our home was filled with a few more baked goods than normal last year (gluten free, but still).

I’ve also heard many of my clients voice the concern that quarantine created a very close proximity to the snack closet along with a boredom that made it hard to resist.

If this all sounds familiar- you might want to keep reading.

With these changes in diet, we also started changing our gut health. Maybe you’ve noticed some common symptoms from this: bloating, gas, fatigue, joint pain, brain fog, sugar cravings

Maybe you are ready to start feeling like yourself again.

But Don’t Worry! We had to give up a lot of comforts last year, and right now I’m not really wanting to take anything else away. So I’m NOT!

I’m going to change my gut health in 30 days, and all I’m going to commit to is adding in 1 spoonful of goodness per day. Are you interested?

What am I talking about?

Instead of focusing on changing my gut health by eliminating foods, I’m going to do so by adding in probiotic rich fermented foods! One spoon a day for 30 days.

What are Some Benefits of Fermented Food?

  • Better Digestion

  • Stronger Immunity

  • Improved Brain Function

  • Clearer Skin

  • Aids in Lose Weight

  • Increased Nutrient Absorption

  • Balances Gut Flora

Do you want to join the challenge of changing your gut health with only 30 spoonfuls?

So what are fermented foods anyways?

Fermentation is a way of preserving foods that has been used for thousands of years. You are probably familiar with, or have even had some of these foods.


Sour Kraut




Beet Kvass