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Your Immune System Seen Through Live Blood Analysis

Did you know that you can learn a lot about your immune system by using live blood analysis?

Right now a lot of us are trying to take care of ourselves by strengthening our immune systems. By using live blood analysis we can determine what types of support might be best for our individual bodies at a specific time.

There are several different types of White Blood Cells each with its own unique function. Neutrophils are capable of ingesting toxins, foreign cells, bacteria and viruses.

Eosinophils can deal with parasitic infections. Basophils are chiefly responsible for allergic and antigen response. Lymphocytes are responsible for immunity

Monocytes defend the body against viruses and bacteria.*

The appearance of certain types of white blood cells can even give us an indication of autoimmune disease.

The numbers of white blood cells are increased or decreased in various conditions. When infection is present the WBC’s increase in number, they also become more mobile, they move back and forth between the blood, lymph and tissues.*

Are you ready to know the protocol that is best for your immune system?

Schedule your appointment today for a live blood analysis!

*Information taken directly from Live Blood London

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