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Dry Blood- Another Layer to Nutritional Blood Analysis

Are you familiar with dry blood analysis? This is another portion of a nutritional blood analysis that provides additional insight into your health. After years of practicing this just on myself and family, I have finally made this service available to my clients at my home office in Burleson.

The correlations between what I am finding in dry blood, with my client's health symptoms has been quite eye opening and exciting. I believe it will prove to be very beneficial in helping my client's dig deeper into health concerns.

Below are a few findings from this past month.


Signs of heavy metal toxicity are seen in the dark grey section in the bottom left corner here. This client had been experiencing brain fog and fatigue, and we were having difficulty moving forward with our current program. This finding provided me with further information to help their progress.


The large hole in the center of this sample is linked to issues with reproductive organs. This client experienced extreme symptoms during her monthly cycle as a teen, and now as a grown woman is dealing with unexplained weight gain. Based off of this finding we are planning to take a deeper look into her hormone levels using the DUTCH Complete test.


In this image we see pinpoint PPPs which correlates to allergies, and a dark pit towards the bottom center which is connected with parasites and candida. This client's symptoms were constant fatigue, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. I created the client a protocol to reduce toxins and pathogens.


I look forward to seeing these clients back and reassessing their dry blood samples.

Dry blood is currently available at my Home Office in Burleson. Due to being unable to travel with these samples, I am not offering this service at other locations.


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