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Chocolate Covered Berries- No Sugar

One common thing I see in many of my Nutritional Blood Analysis clients is fungal or yeast overgrowth. Symptoms of fungal overgrowth can greatly affect a persons life, and even lead to other issues. Some of the symptoms include: fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic sinus issues, allergies, irritability or depression, premenstrual syndrome, abdominal cramping, eczema, psoriasis, and much more. Dietary Changes for Fungal or Yeast Overgrowth Along with some anti-fungal herbs and supplements, I also recommend a change in diet. One of the major changes is to decrease sugar intake because fungus and yeast feed off of sugar, making the problem worse. Unfortunately, this is easier said than do

Bone Broth

Let’s be honest, the thought of making bone stock can be intimidating for some, it was for me. For so long, all of my friends were raving about the health benefits of this amazing stock. I knew that many people made it to help boost their immune system, but it is good for so much more. The nutrients from the bones can aid with digestive issues, joint pain and even hair growth! Homemade stock is full of bioavailable minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other trace minerals. It also contains amino acids, glucosamine, chondrotin and gelatin. But still, it just seemed so challenging. At the health food store where I worked, we sold a package of beef neck bones in our frozen sectio

How To Stay Well In The Winter

Stay Mentally and Physically Healthy This Season With These Easy Steps This time of year it is so easy to get over-stressed and run down. My number one secret for staying in good health during the holidays is to get adequate amounts of sleep and relaxation. Christmas used to be a very stressful season for me and I would usually end up spending my holiday sick, or just exhausted. It is amazing how quickly a stressed mental state of being will affect our physical state of being. Now, when I start feeling anxious about all there is to do, I know it is time to stop and reevaluate things. Here are a few other tips to try to remember to stay physically and emotionally healthy this time of year: On

4 Tips for Supplement Protocol Success

When starting a new supplement healing protocol, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of pills you are taking. I’ve had clients call me after reviewing their list concerned that they will never remember what to take when. This can be a normal reaction for a lot of people anytime they start something new. Don’t worry, I've got your back! I have felt exactly the same at one point and have learned a few helpful tips and encouraging things to remember along the way. Incorporate these 4 pointers to keep your head in the right place! 1. Make It Easy On Yourself Take a few minutes to make a chart. It can be helpful to have everything written down. I hung my chart next to my medicine cab

Five Allergy Busters

Pollen is in the air! That’s right, it is allergy season again. After all of this wonderful rain, many of our fall plants are in full bloom and many folks seem to be experiencing some allergic reactions during this time. If you suffer from seasonal allergies you may actually have some unidentified internal stressors. Allergies are connected to compromised immune, adrenal, and digestive systems. When people begin to build their health, they often notice their seasonal allergies are no longer an issue. Here are a few things to remember during allergy season while you work on restoring proper function to your body: 1.Diet can play a huge part in our bodies capability to deal with allergens Dr.

But what CAN I eat?

This is often the question that people changing their way of eating find they are asking themselves… or me. They have a list of what NOT to eat, which can leave them feeling discouraged and frustrated. The Key to Success with a Healing Diet The key to sticking with your healing diet is to focus on all of the new ingredients you can add into your diet that you might not have had before. Increasing the amounts and variety of vegetables, herbs and good quality meats on your plate may help you discover a love for a never-before-tried variety of produce, or even a joy for cooking. Dr. Hyman states it well in his book The Blood Sugar Solution, “… You will discover a whole new world of Mother Natu

Are You A Coffee Drinker?

Do you find yourself stumbling around, glaring at everyone, and murmuring words of frustration at the sun until you’ve had your first cup of coffee? Are you the type of person that constantly repeats the phrase, “Sorry, I haven’t had my coffee yet”? If so, this may be a sign of adrenal dysfunction. What Happens When We Drink Coffee Coffee may seem like the ultimate solution to our groggy mornings and A.M. exhaustion, but it can actually cause more stress than it’s worth. Extra caffeine puts our adrenal glands into overdrive, never allowing them to completely rest and heal. If you are a constant coffee drinker, you probably notice a burst of energy followed by a huge crash later in the day re

Listening to Your Body

My journey with natural health began with skin care. In college I developed chronic acne. This was my first clue that I had more happening internally that needed attention. As the saying goes, “Beauty comes from the inside” and I would add to that, as an herbalist, beautiful skin comes from inside as well. The skin is just an outward reflection of what is happening inside of the body. What I did not know is that this would be just the beginning of understanding how to listen to my body. I was lucky enough that my first clue to compromised health was something I could physically see in the mirror every day, but sometimes the clues may be more subtle. Our bodies are so good to give us signs th

Inside Our Bellies

Our culture has become so obsessed with how our bellies look on the outside, we often forget to pay attention to how they are functioning on the inside. Many times we take no notice of how we are treating our digestive tract until it becomes a problem that can no longer be ignored. The majority of issues that I see in my Nutritional Blood Analysis clients all relate back to digestion, which then causes a variety of symptoms in the body. Standard Advice for Digestive Concerns Sometimes digestive issues can seem like a quick fix and that the same information will benefit all people… Keep away from any packaged foods. Take processed sugars out of the diet. Avoid dyes, preservatives and artific




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