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Congratulations Friend!

This month we had big reasons for celebrating! One of my clients saw a huge difference in the amount of fibrin found in her blood after implementing her protocol for a few months. What is Fibrin? Fibrin is a type of protein that helps heal wounds during an injury. As seen in the image above it is shaped like a thread and interlaces to create a web around blood cells which causes the blood to clot. After the fibrin has finished it's job, your body creates enzymes to clean up this web and leave everything like it was before. Without fibrin forming when we need it, we would be in a lot of trouble. The problem is when there is too much fibrin formation in the blood this can happen a few differen

Your Blood Tells Your Story

Whew! It's completed, and now we can see the rest of your story! Training #2 in Nutritional Blood Analysis or naturopathic microscopy is finally finished. Since last year I have been under the instructions of Dr. Okker Botha. We have spent so much time looking in the microscope identifying even more anomalies that can help you improve your health. Your blood has a story to tell about the state of your well being. It holds secrets and clues as to what you need to feel your best. Thanks to this new layer of understanding I have been able to add to my practice, people's stories are becoming more and more clear and we are getting ever closer to total recovery. Your White Blood Cells and You A yo




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