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Are You A Coffee Drinker?

Do you find yourself stumbling around, glaring at everyone, and murmuring words of frustration at the sun until you’ve had your first cup of coffee? Are you the type of person that constantly repeats the phrase, “Sorry, I haven’t had my coffee yet”? If so, this may be a sign of adrenal dysfunction.

What Happens When We Drink Coffee

Coffee may seem like the ultimate solution to our groggy mornings and A.M. exhaustion, but it can actually cause more stress than it’s worth. Extra caffeine puts our adrenal glands into overdrive, never allowing them to completely rest and heal. If you are a constant coffee drinker, you probably notice a burst of energy followed by a huge crash later in the day resulting in… the need for more coffee. Caffeine automatically puts our adrenal glands in the “fight or flight” mode. This lead to more exhaustion, trouble regulating blood sugar, weight gain, mood imbalances, digestive disorders, etc.

If we have not already reached adrenal dysfunction, the overuse of coffee will soon get us there.

How to Phase Out Caffeine Without the Headache