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Five Allergy Busters

Pollen is in the air!

That’s right, it is allergy season again. After all of this wonderful rain, many of our fall plants are in full bloom and many folks seem to be experiencing some allergic reactions during this time.

If you suffer from seasonal allergies you may actually have some unidentified internal stressors. Allergies are connected to compromised immune, adrenal, and digestive systems. When people begin to build their health, they often notice their seasonal allergies are no longer an issue.

Here are a few things to remember during allergy season while you work on restoring proper function to your body:

1.Diet can play a huge part in our bodies capability to deal with allergens

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald says, “Oftentimes, allergic responses are exacerbated when the body is overloaded with triggers, and diet is an obvious place to start decreasing that burden. Not only that, our diet offers incredible opportunity to drive anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine activity in our body.”

Things like dairy, sugar, alcohol and gluten can inhibit your immune system and only worsen some of the common allergy symptoms such as swollen sinus cavities. Try to stay away from these foods, and any other known allergy or sensitive foods.

2. Herbs for allergies

Stinging Nettles