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How To Stay Well In The Winter

Stay Mentally and Physically Healthy This Season With These Easy Steps

This time of year it is so easy to get over-stressed and run down. My number one secret for staying in good health during the holidays is to get adequate amounts of sleep and relaxation. Christmas used to be a very stressful season for me and I would usually end up spending my holiday sick, or just exhausted. It is amazing how quickly a stressed mental state of being will affect our physical state of being. Now, when I start feeling anxious about all there is to do, I know it is time to stop and reevaluate things.

Here are a few other tips to try to remember to stay physically and emotionally healthy this time of year:

One – Consider Your Focus this Season

Take a minute to consider: What importance does this season hold for you? Try to focus on these things instead of what commercials are saying you need to value.

Are there things you are stressing about getting done that are not as important as you might be making them out to be? What are some areas that you can give yourself a little slack on right now? For example – does your house really need to be spotless?

Two – Stay Hydrated

It is easy to want to drink only hot cocoa this season, but do not forget how important water is to your health! I know it is cold outside, so drink your water warm. Add a little lemon juice to your water first thing in the morning to help you detox.

Three – Ask for Help

Ask friends, spouse, and children for help around the house and with errands, and then don’t feel as if you need to go behind and redo everything. Appreciate and respect their help, even if it is not how you would have done things.