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I Brought You A Gift!

This summer has been filled with educational conferences, and I thought of you the whole time!

I've brought back some of my favorite nuggets of inspiration from these last couple of months to share with you.

1. Probiotics = Pro Health

The Fermentation Festival in Albuquerque, NM was all about consuming and making your own probiotic foods. Presenters such as Catalina Martone, The Healthy Gut Girl spoke about how our microbiome can make or break our health. Probiotics can improve our digestive systems, boost our immune, give us brain power, and even help to elevate our moods. Did you know that fermented food are full of the healthy bacteria or probiotics, and they can be quite a bit more cost effective than capsules.

Drinking Kimchi Juice at the Fermentation Festival

Some common fermented foods are sourkraut, kimchi, yogurt, kombucha, etc. Unfortunately, many fermented foods found in the grocery store are lacking in these friendly bacteria because they have been pasteurized. Ask at your local health food store to find which fermented foods still contain living probiotics, or better yet try making your own! Check out this recipe for homemade sourkraut. It is easier than you think.

2. Self Care for Everyone!

Presenter Mary Alfred Thoma, reminded us of the importance of self care during the Creative Entrepeneur Conference in Shreveport, LA. She encouraged us to take a moment for ourselves once a day (or more!) One tip she gave was to place a couple of drops of rejuvenating or relaxing essential oils in your hands, rub them together, and then place them over your nose and inhale. Alternatively you can place essential oils on the nape of your neck or the bottom of your feet. Head's up: essential oils are extremely potent, I suggest mixing them with some carrier oil such as olive or grapeseed before applying to skin to prevent irritation. (Because essential oils are so powerful, I never recommend taking them internally. They can burn and irritate the intestinal lining)

The second presenter came to the front exclaiming she schedules in her naps! The truth is, if we don't put it on the calendar to take care of ourselves, we often think of something else we need to do.

Think of one thing you can do for yourself today and put it in your calendar. This could be anything from, drinking more water, going for a run, or taking a nap. You know what you need more than anyone else.

3. Know Your "Why"

Remembering your motivation is key to following through with your goals. During your health journey some days you are just not going to want to eat your vegetables and take you vitamins. Everyone feels this way sometimes. If you are just doing these things to do them, your journey might not last very long.

What is you "Why"? Why are you making these changes? Why are you choosing the broccoli over the brownie? Why are you getting off the couch and into those running shoes? Why are you so dedicated to your supplement protocol?

Everyone has their own reasoning, mine is genetics. I can see my family members suffering with pain and failing health, and I want to do everything I can to avoid that. Yours may be something completely different. You want to be healthy for your kids. You want to stop feeling bad. You want more energy. What is you "Why"?

Take these nuggets of information and use them on your path to optimal health!

Add all three of these tips into your regimen to refresh, heal, and motivate you this upcoming month.

It has been an honor getting to learn more information this summer that will help you on your journey.

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