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Preparing for Your Best Postpartum

Are you a new mom or dad? Do you feel that you have had a lot of support and encouragement during pregnancy, but not so much after baby gets here? A lot of couples can feel this way. It is easy to focus on preparing for the child's arrival, and not so much on how we can continue to care for ourselves after the birth. If only there were more education and support available during this exciting yet challenging time.

Enter in...

Pillars of a Healthy Pregnancy- Healthy Postpartum Life.

This month Aliena Davis of Precision Chiropractic will be hosting one of her ongoing events on how to

prepare for a healthy postpartum experience. Joining her will be Barbara, the wonderful doula of Birth Fort Worth, and yours truly. These women have so much to offer to the new moms and dads in Fort Worth, and I am so excited to be partnering with them for this class.

Proper nutrition, herbs, emotional guidance, and pelvis alignment can help parents survive during this time of transition.

Let's Talk Nutrition & Herbs

(because that's what I do)

How can we use foods to ease the transition into parenthood?

Just like anytime in our lives, the food that we eat can allow us maintain energy levels, stay focused, stabilize our mood, help us get restful