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Your Blood Tells Your Story

Whew! It's completed, and now we can see the rest of your story!

Training #2 in Nutritional Blood Analysis or naturopathic microscopy is finally finished. Since last year I have been under the instructions of Dr. Okker Botha. We have spent so much time looking in the microscope identifying even more anomalies that can help you improve your health.

Your blood has a story to tell about the state of your well being. It holds secrets and clues as to what you need to feel your best.

Thanks to this new layer of understanding I have been able to add to my practice, people's stories are becoming more and more clear and we are getting ever closer to total recovery.

Your White Blood Cells and You

A young lady recently came to me that had struggled with fatigue her whole life. She said she had never really understood how other people had so much energy. When looking at her blood cells a lot became obvious to us.

The anomalies seen with her white blood cells are believed to be associated with chronic stress on the immune system. Possibly caused by parasites, toxicity or severe allergic reactions. Seeing these during her analysis allowed us to focus on her first steps of her healing journey. We are currently working with herbs and vitamins to boost her immune system, while eliminating foods and toxins that are putting stress on her body.

There Is Something To Find

Our second story involves a client with more serious health concerns. They had been extremely sick and drastically losing weight. Many lab tests had been done and nothing had been found.

During this analysis we were able to see many large chondrits moving in the plasma and emerging from the red blood cells. (Hairlike lines visible in the top center of the picture and lower right side.) According to the phleomorphic theory. these bacteria growth forms are connected with a dysregulated terrain and possible chronic disease and degeneration.

After seeing these growth forms and a few other anomalites in the blood I suggested a targeted detox, and strong probiotics. Eventually we will get to move on to herbs to help restore gut integrity and balance.

The Story Progresses

As more and more clients are coming back and we see drastic changes in not only their blood, but more importantly how they feel, I get excited to see how these two recent client's stories will progress.

Right now their blood is telling the story that allows us to identify barriers that cause malaise. I am looking forward to when they come back and their blood tells the story of their great health.

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