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Baby Days

I'm happy to announce that little Baby Palmer has made it's way into the world and we are both home and healthy! I was lucky to have a great pregnancy and a smooth delivery. I thought I would share with you a few of the products I used that helped out along the way.

Food Based Prenatal

As hard as we may try, a great diet during pregnancy can sometimes be tricky, especially in the first trimester. A good multi vitamin is essential to getting in extra nutrients when your daily breakfast consists of crackers of tonic water!

I took the Baby & Me Prenatal by Megafoods, but there are a lot of other awesome products available as well.


Folate is also known as B9 and is essential for healthy baby development. A lot of vitamins contain folic acid, which is the synthetic form of the vitamin and is not as absorbable as actual folate. Folic acid has to be converted into folate by the body in order for it to be accepted into our cells, however some women have a genetic variation that does not allow this conversion process. My multi vitamin contained some folate, but I actually took an additional 400mg/ day.

Omega 3

A lot of us know that Omega 3's are an essential fatty acid that help with baby's brain development, but there is another awesome bonus to this supplement. A few times during my pregnancy I would notice a bit of anxiety or occasional prenatal baby blues. During these times it was recommended that I increase my dosage of Omega 3's, and it worked wonders! Omega 3's are called essential fatty acids, because they are not something our body makes on it's own. We have to get Omega's from food or supplement sources. I choose to take the vitamins because the smell of fish did not agree with my pregnant stomach, haha.


Minerals have many great functions during pregnancy. The are very calming, and I don't know many women who do not deal with a little bit of added stress once